Deliberate Intent

by Chip Thomas

Did you ever observe that there are a few people at the dealership who move a little quicker than the others? They are not necessarily in a hurry and don't appear rushed, but there is a noticeable spring in their step, an undeniable purpose with which they engage daily activities.

If you are one of these people - and you know who you are - your day passes swiftly and with ease. The drive home finds you filled with a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment.

If you are not one of these individuals, I'll bet you could list the names of those who are - even a casual observation tells the story. Guess what? By no accident, these salespeople also happen to be the top producers. Get the picture?

Successful people possess a "passion" that is displayed through their ability to move about with deliberate intent - in other words - they are on a mission. They go to work "to work."

I have a friend who is a retired manager of a successful restaurant. I asked him once how he happened to find so many good employees - his response: "I watched how they walked away after the initial job interview - and some I watched walk in. Over my 40 years of management, I discovered that the people who "sauntered in" or "sauntered out" made poor employees - While on the other hand, those who moved with purpose became employees who were productive and got things done." Pretty simple, don't you think?

Try adjusting your MPH (miles per hour) and you are likely to discover a nice increase in your MPG (miles per gallon) - a.k.a. YPC (your paycheck).