Sorry I missed saying good-bye to you on Friday. I needed to get home and you were still training.

I want to thank you again for the outstanding seminar. After more than 24 years in the automotive business I have never been to a better training class. I have been assisted by Jim Ziegler, Anthony Robbins and Joe Verde to name a few. I enjoyed and learned more in the Chip and Dave show.

This morning in our sales meeting, I asked the salespeople if they had ever attended a religious Revival. More than 75% raised their hands. I explained to them that when they go to their church on Sunday the minister preaches a sermon about a certain subject or verse. However, when they attend a Revival the minister begins from the beginning and speaks of Jesus’ life and God’s love. What they are looking for is to bring GOD into someone’s life and become saved. Being saved is a commitment to GOD that you will become one of his children and follow the path to Heaven.

My next statement was "On Thursday I attended an Automotive Revival." Our "automotive minister" was Chip Thomas and he has shown us the way to increase our personal businesses. All we have to do is to commit (be saved) to these processes and we all will enjoy our jobs and lives a lot more. They fully agreed!!!! Not one negative comment!!!!

A couple of our sales people have already bought their daily planners. 100% have committed to doing so by Monday. One will have his bucket on Monday.

Once again Chip, thank you. I truly appreciate all of your efforts and sharing 25 years of daily sales knowledge. You have definitely helped Jack Kain Ford in growing our sales staff’s knowledge and giving us a path that can be followed. Our complete sales staff is committed to "Coming to work to work!!"

If I can assist you in any way please do not hesitate to ask.

Tom Breeze
General Sales Manager
Jack Kain Ford

We have discovered that Chip has the unique ability to focus on improving many fundamental skills - time management, organization and planning - while providing important insights associated with complex human interactions that have caused us to grow and become more successful every time he has met with our team. He emphasizes working smart to be more productive and efficient while teaching that being knowledgeable, prepared, fair and honest in order to build trust will result in the establishment of long-term relationships. The education he has provided has enabled each of us to reach a higher level of achievement and professionalism while attaining greater personal and financial satisfaction. His down to earth manner coupled with his simple words of wisdom and his common sense techniques allows his students to put his ideas into everyday action. We have benefited for more than thirteen years."

John Casey, Jr...Sales Manager
Manchester Honda
Manchester, CT 860-645-3100

Dear Mr. Gatton:

I'm writing this letter on Friday night. I'm in my hotel room having just returned from the elegant Honda dinner with Ella Fitzgerald.

Throughout the evening, I had the chance to talk to several of my dealer friends regarding the Advertising Association meeting held this afternoon.

Without exception, they agreed the highlight of the meeting was the `90 Accord "walkaround" done by Chip Thomas. As you know, there were approximately 350 people in the room. I'll guarantee you that every one of them learned something from Chip's presentation.

Thank You for letting us borrow Chip for a couple of days. He simply stole the show.

Best regards,
Bill Young
American Honda Motor Co.
Torrance, CA (Retired)

I have had Chip train for me several times over the past 10 years. He is by far the very best sales trainer we've had. In every aspect."

Gary Knight...General Manager
Mack Brown, Inc.
Boone, NC 866-264-9051

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