This is by far, the best seminar I ever had.  Chip covered a lot of ground.  It will improve my future by making sure every customer is treated special and make it memorable.  Chip is an excellent teacher and speaker.  I wish the class was all day”.

Bayannah Sonia Robinson
Bob Boyd Lincoln
Columbus, Ohio brobinson@bobboyd.com

Called my dealer at the break and thanked him for sending me!  New to the business.  Been in industrial sales for 30 years and attended numerous seminars.  After all is said, this is the best!  Thanks

John Engle
Bob Boyd Ford Mazda
Columbus, Ohio jengle@bobboyd.com

I recommend this seminar to others to help improve their career and life.  Thank you for giving me the tools to help me succeed in my life and my career”.

Lamar Woods
Byers Kia
Toledo, Ohio lwoods@byerauto.com

This class is way different than any other class I’ve been to.  No trainer has gone the “kill the customer with kindness route.”  Excellent class!!  I will put the things I’ve learned to very good use! Thanks very much Chip!

Timothy Mahon
Ricart Automotive
Columbus, Ohio timmahon@ricart.com

Chip can show proof of his hard work with the things that he has said and done.  I really like this seminar.  It was more REALITY based than most seminars I have been to.

Jaree Wright
Evans Motor Works
Dayton, Ohio jwright@motorworks.com

Great refresher.  I have been to many of these type of classes in 27 years in the business.  But I have to say this was the best one.

Richard McAfee
Troy Ford
Troy, Ohio rick@troyford.com

Great presentation, great speaker, great to hear from someone who is still successful in the business.  Thought it was all great.  It’s informative but I hope my competition doesn’t learn anything from this class.  Previous trainers that I’ve seen are the type that “can’t sell so they teach”  I truly believe that you do what you say.  Very Credible!”

Bill Fisher
Walker CJD
Centerville, OH bfisher@walkercjd.com

I've found that even though I’ve had success in my career, I never stop learning.  And the material was exceptional.”

Steve Rosenberg
Ed Schmidt Auto Group
Toledo, Ohio srosenberg@edschmidt.com

Learned a lot that I forgot.  Can only help you get better.  Nice to see someone actually have a seminar that knows or is in business.”

Randy Kaufman
Ed Schmindt GMC
Perrysburg, Ohio 419-699-0277

Good class, thank you.  28 years of experience.  My biggest mistake was going into management.”

Thomas Sutton
Matthews Ford
Oregon, Ohio 419-297-3852

Chip is one of “us” and understands our real world needs and gives real advice.”

Ryan Walline
Brown Honda
Toledo, Ohio 419-283-4993

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